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Anheuser-Busch - GPS Tracking

Software Design Partners has partnered with Anheuser-Busch Companies for more than 13 years, and 200 projects, to help solve their business challenges and build technology solutions that create a competitive edge.

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For 165 years, Anheuser-Busch has been one of the country’s most iconic companies, brewing great tasting, high quality beers. They embrace new technologies and innovations so they can brew, package, transport and deliver more than 100 brands in the most environmentally-sustainable way possible.

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The Challenge

Companies have always been challenged with asset location tracking, ensuring their efficient use. Anheuser-Busch Companies tasked SDP with managing and tracking their assets throughout the supply chain from manufacturers to distributors to retail accounts. Due to our years of partnership with A-B, we knew their strategic priorities and their dedication to using innovative technology to provide business value.

Anheuser-Busch Companies were looking to:

  • Implement real-time tracking of asset location in market and warehouse
  • Provide map view of all asset locations and history
  • Enhance analytics and reporting of asset ROI in market
  • Improve efficiencies in time and labor by eliminating manual inventory tracking
  • Supply real-time sensor data from the asset

The Solution

SDP knew the technological advances of mobility and GPS/Bluetooth devices provided great opportunity to increase accuracy and simplify tracking of assets. We worked with the client, wireless providers and offshore product manufacturers to design, implement and deliver a GPS and Bluetooth Asset Tracking solution.

We quickly provided a proof-of-concept to the client so they could see how the solution would solve their challenges. Our knowledge of how to integrate Google Maps and MapBox technology into a site was an asset to the development process and we worked to ensure the application was mobile responsive to be used on desktops or mobile devices.

  • Display real-time location of all assets in the market via an executive dashboard
  • Maximize ability to evaluate assets' ROI and quickly execute market adjustments
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual asset location tracking
  • Enhance analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Create a scalable solution that can be extended in future phases

Competitive Edge

The client was extremely happy with the final product. The delivered solution enabled the client business unit and executive team to more efficiently manage, track and analyze assets in the market.

The solution gave A-B a leg-up on their competition by providing:

  • Dashboard displays in Google Maps view with pins of all asset current and past locations
  • Selected tracking device using Global Positioning System(GPS) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Developing an algorithm to associate asset to individual retail accounts based on GPS coordinates of the asset and account
  • Allowing ability to export asset location data for business analysis
  • Report ROI per retail account by comparing current and past sales data

Our IoT, Mobile Solutions, Software Development and Business Innovation Consulting capabilities came together to create a competitive edge for the client.

Ari O
Sales & Marketing Director

SDP was a critical partner from a strategic, design and implementation standpoint for our GPS & Bluetooth Asset Tracking program. They were able to consistently bring out of the box solutions to address any business needs that we had during the project.



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