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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence drives your business forward. Allow Software Design Partners’ Data Architects to use your data to visualize the next big breakthrough your business has been waiting for.


Your business is loaded with useful data, just waiting to be warehoused, mined, and shown to company leadership in a way that will drive your business forward.  Why spend the time to hire or train a full time Data Architect to work with this data, when you can leverage the Software Design Partners proven Business Intelligence experts.

SDP’s Business Intelligence expertise will provide your business with the competitive edge you need to:

  • Create a logical data model from which to pull analytical data
  • Aggregate your line of business data into Data Warehouses for Business Intelligence consumption
  • Create useful reports and dashboards to unveil data trends and usage that will move your business forward
  • Create an action plan based on the analytics discovered from data analytics
Business Intelligence
services include:
Dashboards & Reporting
Data Modeling
Data Warehouse Creation
SQL Server Analysis Services
PowerBI and other BI Solutions

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Business Intelligence
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