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Our Approach

Our clients engage us to solve their challenges and provide innovative solutions. They retain us because we deliver.

Transparency Is Fundamental

Our approach hinges on the customer-focused collaboration we have with our clients. SDP serves as a trusted advisor, bringing our expertise to the table.  We learn your business challenges, strategic goals and what initiatives are priorities.

Each of our capabilities provides innovative thinking to leverage technology that solves complex business challenges. We partner with you to discover, execute, launch and leverage a solution for your business.


SDP leads the critical review of initiatives to prioritize how we can provide the best technology solutions to meet immediate challenges and future goals.  

As part of this discovery phase we:

  • Collaborate and define critical needs as well as a future vision for your business.
  • Develop strategic technology and product plans to achieve and exceed the specified goals.
  • Identifying measurable ROI opportunities

With the discovery phase complete, and objectives clearly identified, the execution phase begins.  The progress, budget and timeline are reviewed with the client on a consistent basis.  This ensures alignment.  

As part of this execution phase we:

  • Finalize requirements
  • Architect, develop and test the software
  • Utilize agile development including short sprints
  • Review the state of the application, budget and timeline

SDP utilizes our experience and tested methods to deliver innovative IT solutions. Our critical review ensures fewer disruptions in roll out and productivity.

Let us launch you to a reputable end-user experience by:

  • Implementing a communication plan to prepare the impacted user base
  • Providing post-launch status updates and metrics to key stakeholders
  • Supplying support staff available to address issues

SDP partners with our clients and their investments in technology to gain a competitive edge.  

As part of the leveraging phase we:

  • Measure data to track ROI
  • Provide post-launch status updates and metrics
  • Supply support to your end-users
  • Utilize end-user feedback for future enhancements
  • LEVERAGE your solutions to their full potential


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