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Virtual CTO / Dev on Demand

SDP provides the expertise of a Virtual CTO as an outsourced technology executive, as well as Dev on Demand team, to maximize your business efficiency and competitive edge.

Recognize the value for your business utilizing SDP as a Virtual CTO or our Dev on Demand team capabilities.

Hiring an in-house Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can be cost-prohibitive for small, and medium-sized, businesses. Due to the capabilities a Virtual CTO can deliver, businesses now have access to the same level of expertise from an outsourced technology executive and their development team (aka - Dev on Demand). SDP can assist you in addressing IT obstacles that include:

  • Difficulty integrating the changing demands of technology
  • Technology distractions that detract from overall efficiency and business operations
  • Company demands that are not suited to a full time, in house, IT executive.
  • Lost revenue due to lack of senior IT expertise and support
  • Lack of business growth due to a reactive versus proactive IT strategy
  • Need for collaboration in technology management decisions and communication
  • Assistance with current research and development trends and industry regulations
Virtual CTO / Dev on Demand
services include:
Virtual CTO
Systems Planning and Design
Build vs. Buy
Process Automation

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Virtual CTO / Dev on Demand
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