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Financial Services - Business Intelligence Solution

Software Design Partners has partnered with The Servion Group to design and build a business intelligence solution utilizing a data warehouse and Microsoft Power BI to provide insight into the business to improve decision making and forecasting.

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The Servion Group partners with credit unions and community banks across the U.S. by supplementing their services to help them grow their businesses and make positive impacts on their clients. The Servion Group partnered with Software Design Partners to design and build a business intelligence solution to provide insight into the business to improve decision making and forecasting. Data will be aggregated from multiple systems into a single platform to ensure data quality and consistency, which will enable The Servion Group to make informed decisions based on reliable data. This is being achieved by building a data warehouse to aggregate and normalize their data. OLAP cubes will be used to pull data from the data warehouse to use as a central reporting source for their reports and dashboards.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Strategy and Architecture Planning
  • Software Development Services
  • SharePoint Migration Planning

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Microsoft .NET Core
Microsoft Power BI

The Challenge

Data was spread across multiple business units and aggregating data was time-consuming

The Servion Group has five business units with data spread across several different business systems tailored to their business lines.  The Servion Group initially had an internal project to centralize its reporting across the business. They had most of the data they needed, but it was time-consuming to pull reports from the different systems and aggregate the data into a usable format.

The Servion Group chose Software Design Partners to create a solution to solve these challenges.

  • Data spread across multiple systems in different business units and needing to centralize the reporting across these systems.
  • The existing process for aggregating the data is time-consuming and can produce poor quality data.
  • Decision making is challenging because data maybe outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete.
  • Historical data is not readily available.
  • Systems are spread across multiple environments, including on-premise and multiple cloud environments.

The Solution

Create Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports for Executives and Managers

Software Design Partners started with a Data Warehouse Discovery initiative that provided a roadmap for a full Data Warehouse solution that spanned five business units. This roadmap provided The Servion Group with an understanding of their current state, a vision of the targeted future state, and the steps needed to accomplish the overall objective.

Software Design Partners recommended that The Servion Group continue to leverage Power BI but use a Data Warehouse for the centralized database to bring in the data from disparate systems across the company. Software Design Partners presented the following recommendations so The Servion Group could begin their journey to a comprehensive Data Warehouse solution:

  • Design and Develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Utilize SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Develop applications to consume data from the key financial systems (ICE MortgageTechnology®’s Encompass® Loan Origination System, SalesForce)
  • Develop web services to consume data from other systems containing survey data, commission rates, interest rates, etc
  • Utilize Power BI Service for sharing reports
  • Decrease ETL processing time utilizing PolyBase
  • Convert current Power BI Reports to use SQL Server Analysis Services

At Software Design Partners, we work closely with our clients to learn all aspects of the challenges they want to solve. As a result of this partnership, The Servion Group leverages Software Design Partners as their Trusted Advisor in many other business areas such as SharePoint expertise, Azure development and infrastructure, and general IT consulting.

Competitive Edge

Better, faster decisions based on reliable data

Software Design Partners provided expertise in business intelligence to enable The Servion Group to embark on a path to a comprehensive Data Warehouse solution. The Servion Group gained the ability to make business decisions based on reliable data and reduce the effort to aggregate the data. The solution was architected so The Servion Group could continue to leverage their existing Power BI expertise and gain the benefit of a data warehouse on the back-end to further extend their capabilities with Power BI.

The result was a more robust solution with the following advantages:

  • Provides management with the data and tools to plan and prepare for fluctuations in the business.
  • Provides insights that can easily be shared throughout the organization.
  • Enables managers to play a more active role in pipeline management.
  • Provide easy access to data enabling better decision-making across the organization.
  • Enhances data quality and consistency resulting in higher confidence in the data.
  • Streamlines the flow of information and improves communication throughout the organization.
  • Provides historical intelligence enabling managers to view trends and leverage predictive analysis.
  • Increases efficiency across the organization and provide a competitive advantage.

The Servion Group is at the beginning of their Business Intelligence journey, but they have already realized efficiency gains in several areas where the data is being leveraged. Managers immediately gained several hours per month after a few reports were implemented, and associated processes were streamlined.

Steve A
Financial Services Company
Chief Operations Officer/President

We understood the value of our data and made a commitment to build a Data Warehouse and leverage Business Intelligence to increase the efficiency of our organization and ultimately to give us a competitive advantage. Selecting Software Design Partners as our partner has been instrumental to the success of this project.



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