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Financial Services - Loan Documentation Tracking

Software Design Partners has partnered with The Servion Group to design and build a Loan Documentation Tracking solution to assist in obtaining outstanding loan documentation to prevent unnecessary risk and ensure loans are in compliance regarding documentation.

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The Servion Group partners with credit unions and community banks across the U.S. to help them grow their businesses and make positive impacts on their clients. The Servion Group partnered with Software Design Partners to design and build a Loan Documentation Tracking solution to to assist in collecting outstanding loan documentation to ensure loans are in compliance regarding documentation. Data is pulled from the Commercial Servicing software for loans that have outstanding documentation. The data is aggregated to determine who should receive Notification Letters based on the type of documents that are outstanding. Letters are generated and sent to the recipients and automatically placed on an sFTP site for consumption by the corresponding Lending Partners.


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The Challenge

Maintaining current loan documentation is a time consuming task, but is critical to prevent unnecessary risk and ensure loans are in compliance regarding documentation. The existing Commercial Servicing system houses the loan data and also the information regarding outstanding loan documentation, but it didn’t meet The Servion Groups requirements for a loan documentation notification process.

The Servion Group chose Software Design Partners to solve the following challenges:

  • The current process was manual which presented unnecessary risk.
  • The current process was time-consuming and not scalable, creating a bottleneck as the business grew.
  • The loan and document data was not “clean” which complicates the notification process.

The Solution

Software Design Partners designed and built an application that leverages the loan data from the Commercial Servicing system to generate notification letters for documents that are outstanding.  

Business Intelligence is used to clean up the loan data by leveraging a data cube so Power BI can surface the “dirty” data.  This process provides a method to continuously monitor the data and determine if further clean up is needed.  

Once the data is clean, the document data and the loan data are merged to determine who should get a notification letter and what documents are listed as outstanding in the letter.

A web application was developed to automate letter generation based on a time period and lending partner.  The automated process then places the letters on an sFTP site for consumption by the corresponding Lending Partners.

At Software Design Partners, we work closely with our clients to learn all aspects of the challenges they want to solve. As a result of this partnership, The Servion Group leverages Software Design Partners as their Trusted Advisor in many of their business areas such as business process automation, Data Warehouse strategy and implementation, Azure development and infrastructure, SharePoint, and general IT consulting.

Competitive Edge

Software Design Partners automated the notification process for Loan Documentation Tracking. This process previously was a 2-3 month effort to generate the notification letters. The new process was reduced to a few weeks instead of months, effectively reducing the manual labor by 75%.

The result was a more robust solution with the following advantages:

  • Increases efficiency, enabling resources to focus on other tasks.
  • Sets the stage to scale the business without adding additional resources.
  • Enhances data quality and consistency.
  • Provides a competitive advantage.
  • Reduces risk regarding out of compliance loan documentation.

Tony L
Financial Services Company
Chief Credit Officer

Capturing data can be like catching raindrops with your hands. In partnering with SDP, they have provided an organized bucket for capturing our thousands and thousands of data points and storing them in a meaningful manner. We have already completed projects that have shortened turn times from days into minutes with pinpoint accuracy. SDP has taken the time to understand our areas for improvement and has exceeded all of our expectations at every turn.



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