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FKG Oil - Azure Backup Monitoring

FKG Oil uses Azure Backup Services to continuously back up hundreds of databases and file system objects in its environment. They worked with Software Design Partners to provide an easy to read monitoring system to ensure what backups were not failing.

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FKG Oil (DBA MotoMart), is a leader in Midwest fueling stations and convenience stores. As a regional company, FKG has retail locations throughout the Midwestern states, with important infrastructure throughout. This infrastructure is backed up with Azure Backup Services, but failures can be challenging to identify.

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The Challenge

FKG Oil has important infrastructure across its retail locations throughout the Midwest. FKG had previously engaged its Managed Services Provider to implement Azure Backup Services throughout these retail locations. While these backups are efficient, cost-effective and well organized, backups do still fail for a variety of reasons. If backups were to fail consistently, the only way for FKG to know was to seek this information out in the Azure portal, where the information was spread out and very difficult to identify. Not detecting the failed backups would result in data loss, which was unacceptable. FKG needed a simple and proactive way to monitor resources where backups were failing constantly for a prolonged period of time. FKG engaged Software Design Partners to provide a solution.

The Solution

SDP worked with FKG Oil to create an easy to read email report that would be automatically sent from its Microsoft Azure tenant on a weekly basis. The solution was built to be entirely hands-off, providing FKG with only the necessary information needed to identify consistent problems with their backup system. The system was built using a stack of Microsoft Azure services including:

Competitive Edge

FKG can now focus on business, not backups.  Instead of hunting down failed backups buried in the Azure portal, or worse, being surprised with unexpected data loss, FKG can now easily identify consistently failed backups. The weekly emailed report saves countless valuable hours sifting through backup logs. These hours can now be spent on driving the business forward, thereby creating a Competitive Edge.

Matt M

We trusted SDP as a software development partner to help give us an easy, hands-off alerting system for all of our Azure Backups. It was a low stress, easy project to complete, and we continue to depend of SDP for supporting our solution



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