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The Survey Institute - Survey and Reporting System

Software Design Partners is The Survey Institute's go-to partner for all of its application development and technology needs.

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The Survey Institute (TSI) has been a leading provider of business surveys driving business process improvements for more than 20 years. The Survey Institute requires leading-edge technology and fast, visually appealing reporting in order to provide maximum value to its clients. TSI relies almost exclusively on leading edge technology to drive it's survey and reporting tools for clients!

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The Challenge

The Survey Institute had an existing web-based application that had been developed several years earlier. It was not scalable, and user experience was outdated and difficult. In addition, it was being hosting in a traditional data center, using dedicated servers, which required IT services to monitor and maintain. As The Survey Institute's client base increased and users began using newer web browsers, the existing system was in need of an upgrade in both infrastructure and user interface. The Survey Institute needed to:

  • Allow the survey application to scale based on usage
  • Decrease report processing time in order to deliver client results fast
  • Cut ongoing maintenance and infrastructure costs
  • Create a user-friendly experience that works on all modern web browsers
  • Decrease time and money spent on ongoing application development maintenance

The Solution

SDP understood The Survey Institute's needs immediate needs and offered an extensive solution that went above and beyond the challenges they were facing. We worked with The Survey Institute to fully understand not only their technical challenges, but to understand The Survey Institute's business needs on a comprehensive level.

By working closely with The Survey Institute staff, we identified, discussed and implemented a large-scale solution, based in Microsoft Azure that put power and automation in the hands of The Survey Institute staff! The cloud-based solution provided the following capabilities and ROI immediately:

  • A full, cloud-based system, removing the need for physical Data Center costs, as well as ongoing costs of an operations team to manage updates and software on those physical servers.
  • A more reliable, faster and scalable report processing engine, which not only saved costs on "always on" infrastructure, but dramatically reduced report processing time.  This recovered time provides TSI a business advantage over their competition by allowing TSI to provide results an analysis to their clients weeks before the competition.
  • Automatically scalable, Azure based web application, again saving costs on "always on" infrastructure, but still scaling to accept heavy workloads when required, like when a large survey kicks off.
  • Enhanced user experience with Azure automatic scaling to handle spikes in customer activity.

Competitive Edge

Software Design Partners' comprehensive solution provided The Survey Institute with a huge competitive edge over its competitors! The new application requires virtually no ongoing infrastructure maintenance, and worked on modern web browsers! Additionally, the application has a friendly administrative interface that puts the power of survey, report and client administration into the hands of the TSI staff. Tasks which previously required developer engagement, could now be done with the click of a button. All of the time spent previously maintaining and updating technology is now spent working on their core business.

Don B
The Survey Institute

SDP has been an integral partner in our business. They worked closely with us as we completely redesigned our software. Most importantly, they indicated key areas where we could improve our responsiveness to our end customer and gain more control over our processes. SDP has positively transformed the way we conduct our business. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of quality IT services.



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